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Seminar: Spooky Stuff: Tariffs, Quotas (and things that go “Trump” in the Night)

  • Smiths Medical 6000 Nathan Lane North Plymouth, Minnesota 55442 United States (map)

Partners John M. Peterson and Maria Celis to speak at Midwest Global Trade Association’s seminar

Program Description:

“Trade wars as easy to win” someone once said. For a lot of MGTA members, though, it’s been life in the trenches for the last few months, and not all that easy. New salvos seem to get fired in the trade war every day, and the shells often explode right in the middle of importers’ and exporters’ supply chains – or markets. And while regular wars are governed by the Geneva Convention, the rules of the trade wars seem to change every day.

MGTA wants to provide a half-day of R&R for the tired troops, so they can learn the latest developments and fortify their defenses. This seminar will provide an overview of the battlefield, and discuss how to work some of the weapons being developed for this combat:

Attendees will not only get valuable insight, but will be awarded the MGTA Battle Cross, the nation’s first (and so far foremost) trade war honor.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone affected by Section 301 Retaliatory Tariffs against China and Section 232 Tariffs on Steel and Aluminum products (and possibly Automobiles)

  • Trade Compliance professionals

  • Legal

  • Purchasing

  • C-suite executives

  • Logistics

Learning Objectives:

  1. Section 301 Retaliatory Tariffs Against China

    1. Why is the US doing this?

    2. What’s included on Lists 1, 2 and 3?

    3. How long will the tariffs likely remain in effect?

    4. How has China retaliated against the United States?

    5. How do I defend my company and its business?

  2. Section 232 Tariffs on Steel & Aluminum Products (and possibly Automobiles)

    1. Why is the US doing this?

    2. What products are affected? Which are not?

    3. Which countries are affected?

    4. How long will tariffs and quotas remain in effect?

    5. How do the quotas operate?

    6. How can I defend my company and its business?


7:30 registration

8:00 program

12:00 adjourn


John Peterson

Partner, Neville Peterson LLP

Maria Celis

Partner, Neville Peterson LLP


Members: 50
Non-Members: 75
Students: 10

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